In The Wild

"One thing that Wild Thing bars do is bring some of the key ingredients to life by keeping them in their original form. By that I mean that you can visibly see some of the nuts, seeds and berries within the bars which, in my opinion, makes the overall taste so much better." - The V Nice Life

“I’ve been finding Wild Thing Bars make the perfect afternoon snack to tide me over until dinner. They're not as blended as some bars and it makes a nice change to get the texture of the individual ingredients, such as the nuts and seeds. The flavours all come from the ingredients too; there's no added flavourings so they avoid the artificial-tasting tang that some raw snack bars can have and the natural taste can shine through.” - The Tofu Diaries

"Organic paleo food is grown without pesticides and in a way that helps bio-diversity thrive. It also guarentees that there are no additives, chemicals or unacceptable processing added during production. That's why I love that Wild Thing organic paleo bars are made exclusively with raw ingredients." - Mindfully Moni

"We know that there is still a scarcity of decent, healthy free-from foods in the eating out sector, and for those unable to find a nutritious free-from lunch, these could be the perfect carry-over until supper... Or simply a mid-afternoon pick-me-up." - Foods Matter

"The Wild Thing paleo bars are one way to effortlessly fit in paleo-friendly foods into your diet. These paleo bars are have a richer nutritional profile than most of the other processed food bars out there. Being gluten-free, dairy-free, and also vegan, they can help you stay on track of your healthy diet while out and about" - The Food Medic

"If you struggle to prep your meals, need a snack at your desk or on the go, these little beauties are a great snack to supplement a healthy diet, you can take them anywhere." - Healthy Jon

See the recipe for our Wild Thing Black Forest Gateaux Smoothie, using our Cacao & Almond Bar and some mixed winter berries to taste.


See the recipe for our Wild Thing Raw Risotto Smoothie using our Nuts and Seeds Bar feat. mushrooms and wholegrain rice.


See the recipe for our Wild Thing Banana Smoothie using nothing but our Coconut and Chia Bar, milk, banana, and ice.


See the recipe for our Wild Thing Mountain Rice Salad, using only our Mountain Berry Granola, white rice, and salad leaves.


See the recipe for our Wild Thing Granola Topped Pineapple Rings, using a mix of our Mountain Berry and Island Coconut Granola.


See the recipe for our Wild Thing Cacao and Banana Pudding Cup made using our Cacao Granola, banana, and a fresh raspbery for a topping.

"I just tried Wild Thing Granola, fell in love, devoured the entire box, and now I'm suffering withdrawal symptoms... Highly highly recomemnd this to any of my fellow no-gluten followers or any paleo's out there." - Coconuts and Watermelon

"The Granola was a delicious addition to my smoothie bowl as you get the crunch from the granola clusters followed by the chewiness of the dried beries. My favourite bit was definitely the granola clusters as they get their sweetness from coconut sugar which I love the taste of! Overall the perfect early morning energy boost!" - Nutritiously Naughty

"Wild Thing's paleo-friendly, grain-free version [of granola] is made from goji berries, cranberries and mulberries (MY FAVE), nuts, seeds and coconut chips - resulting in a delicious combination of natural sweetness and crunch. The perfect topping for yogurt and fruit, smoothie bowls or baked as a crumble topping!" - SpamellaB

"Granola is one of my favourite breakfasts. I love sprinkling it on top of Green yoghurt or as a smoothie bowl topper... The combination of seeds, nuts, dates and banana is delicious, add in the pineapple and coconut suger and you have a bowl of tropical goodness!" - Clumsy Baby

"This has to be one of the most delicious granolas I have ever tasted... I love that they include chopped dates among the ingredients. To me, this just adds an extra layer of indulhgence and sophistication to the flavour... The dusting of cacao powder is subtly sweet and oh so perfect." - Noms by Naomi

"I absolutely love the Wild Thing Paleo coconut granola! It is perfect on top of a smoothie bowl, as an addition to your morning oats or even on its own with some coconut milk. I particularly like that it is vegan friendly, made with whole, nautral ingredients with no added nasties." - Jennifer Robinson