Raw, organic and paleo, WILD THING is a deliciously nutrient-dense snack bar that's full of vitality and natural goodness. 

WILD THING provides a great source of energy when you need it most, whether that's to fuel your workout or fitness training, or to give you the drive you need for a busy day in the office.

The goodness of our bars come from the fresh, ingredients we use. Each of our recipes start with organic dates, which are known for their digestive health benefits and are one of the best ingredients for muscle development.

Cross fit gyms and many sport nutritionists recommend the paleo diet, and our range of organic bars offer you a flavoursome and convenient snack to aid you in your progress


organic Almond image
Coconut image
WILD THING berries & seeds snack bar
WILD THING Cacao & Almond organic snack bar
WILD THING Coconut & Chia organic snack bar
WILD THING Nuts & Seeds organic snack bar



What makes the bars great is the natural taste of the ingredients and the beauty of the recipe. We put a lot of time into choosing only the best ingredients to make our paleo snack bars.

  Wild Thing Paleo Snack Bar
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